Is ‘Tough Love’ host Steven Ward in some trouble after escort scandal?

Is ‘Tough Love’ host Steven Ward in some trouble after escort scandal?

television host in heated water

Cheating claims difficulty for VH1 relationship show host?

Steven Ward is an expert relationship specialist and host for the VH1 show “Tough Love,” where he suggests solitary females on the best way to get the guy that is right.

As reported first by The Dirty after which Radaronline, Ward, that has a live-in gf, had been caught on tape soliciting intercourse from escort and adult cam performer Jenna Shea.

The web site additionally reported she was offered by him an i’m all over this their show for a romp between the sheets, citing an sound recording they stated Shea offered them as evidence.

We reached off to VH1, Shaw, and Ward for touch upon the whole tale, but received no reaction. We had been able nevertheless to keep in touch with celebrity Magazine Deputy Editor Matt Coppa concerning the situation, and then he stated in the event that recording is genuine, Ward has some severe credibility dilemmas in the years ahead.

“How are you able to bypass telling individuals how exactly to fulfill specific people and work in relationships in addition to most convenient way to deal with a woman whenever you’re doing the actual reverse?” Coppa said. “And by the way, he’s got a gf he’s been coping with for some time, and they’ve been dating for six years. She really showed up with him on ‘Jimmy Fallon’ 2-3 weeks ago, saying he’s got the intention to marry her. Therefore, the simple fact from him specifically about relationships? that he’s doing that, how can you take any advice”

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SiriusXM radio character Cristina Palumbo additionally stated Ward should think about retiring their “relationship expert” title, but could effortlessly transition into becoming a bona fide reality celebrity.

“Reality tv is a spot for just what Steven Ward has been doing,” she said. “I don’t understand why he’d believe he’d ever pull off something similar to that. There are plenty other folks, the national government, who hasn’t also gotten away along with it. Why is Steven Ward genuinely believe that he’s gonna?”

Coppa said Ward might not have any concerns as their show gets ratings that are good its system, but he nevertheless wonders exactly just exactly how VH1 will keep the host.

“That’s as much as them, you understand, what’s planning to work from their store reviews smart. We don’t observe how audiences are fans for the show usually takes exactly what he claims about relationships really anymore,” he stated. “Maybe there’s something which follows him where he makes amends to their gf or something that way like this, but so far as relationship show and matchmaking show goes, we don’t observe how that will carry on.”

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