139 Intercourse Positions Illustrated To Spice Up Your Love Life

139 Intercourse Positions Illustrated To Spice Up Your Love Life

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Whether you’re a couple of seeking to spice your love life up by having a new place or simply a wondering guy… This page as well as the links within it hold nearly all the known intercourse roles!

You are able to do a lot more of these intercourse roles effectively with an extended more penis that are flexible the purpose associated with variety is the fact that you see those that suit you!

68 – Hers

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The 68 hers can be an change that is amazing towards the regular cunnilingus spread eagle that everybody does. Experiencing you under her human anatomy and enabling her to break the rules into the face offers her a feeling of energy. El Monte escort service Your arms are absolve to stimulate her breasts and clitoris along with her ass. Some dudes want to utilize their feet to carefully put across the womens throat to down pin her against him.

68 – His

Adventurous? You need to be using this one… It should not become your sex that is first position decide to try that’s without a doubt… and also make yes you shower and clean before suggesting that one.

probably the hottest of most intercourse jobs. The mutual oral stimulation works wonders – attempt to cum together at the time that is same!

69 – Inverted

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Maybe not a posture which is used often – yet again shower and clean your self down their therefore she does not feel weird getting your balls inside her face! Also keep an eye out for gag reflexes her control how deep you go– you will have a tendency to want to thrust into her mouth… Let.

69 – Kneeling

Is best suited by having a guy that is strong a smaller girl. You’ll only do that for some time prior to the bl d rushing to her head get’s the higher of her. Great to use being a transition that is lusty something different. Don’t ask simply grab her and just take fee even though you flip her over into one thing convenient.

69 – Sideways

Exemplary cunnilingus place for those less athletic or less mobile of couples. What exactly is amazing about it place could be the convenience it provides to partners. Test this after a tiring at work day!

69 – Sitting

Another crazy one to decide to try with he arms supporting– she now balancing on her head. You are able to assist support her together with your hands raising up above her ass.

69 – Standing

Very similar to the kneeling 69 position… Not for the faint that is hearted novelty value than real satisfaction.


This can be a very sensual sexposition if your girl is flexible at the knees. You’ll kiss her throat and lips although you play with her breasts and vagina. Both hands are absolve to play. This position offers you a fantastic understanding of exactly what it will be love to have vagina because of the feeling of not to be able to l k down and just pussy that is feeling. Really amazing.


It is like her being on a bouncy castle along with your feet while the springs. Will get just a little clumsy in case your away from sync!

Amazon – Kneeling

This place will amazing she likes to be in control for her if. Could possibly get embarrassing if she does not understand how to thrust correctly – she’s got to undulate and belly dancing in the place of inside and outside thrust like a man would. Hold your knees straight back and push your cock ahead to aid her away.

Amazon – Kneeling Reverse

An alteration up if the last had not been helping you. This strikes an excellent area of the vagina together with feeling of getting your feet floating around while she holds them adverts to your amazon experience.

Amazon – Reverse

Much like amazon reverse that is kneeling this woman is standing/crouching.

Can be your gf a gymnast? She might never be in a position to hold this for very long if she doesn’t have support underneath. Ideal for enabling her to thrust back in you.

Arm Seat

A truly GREAT intercourse position in the event that measurements are right she can’t be a heavy set girl for obvious reasons between you… Meaning. A really fun place if her hands are strong sufficient. She will make use of your arms as leverage to up pull herself and down… Athleticism required!

Asian Cowgirl

A standard girl on top position but she stands/crouches over you.

Asian Cowgirl – Reverse

Change it out up for a different sort of view and a angle that is different.


Maybe not certain where this name came from – a classic generally in most pron movies. A great beginner if you prefer mind…


Yet again she’s to be… that is extremely flexible Great for those of you trying to do a little bath intercourse. Bend your knees a small making it possible for deeper penetration.

Basset Hound

Great name is not it? A little variation from the standard doggy design position. You’re both crouched down in your knees.

Hunting for a great view? If she actually is much smaller compared to you this place could also be used for rectal intercourse. Might be uncomfortable on her however a great view from the trunk as her vagina will really stand out for you personally.

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